Become a Volunteer



In addition to, or instead of, donating to AID WITHOUT BORDERS, you can also become a ``Volunteer``.


In addition to, or instead of, donating to AID WITHOUT BORDERS, you can also become a “Volunteer”. How? It’s easy! Simply by creating awareness about A.W.B. There are many ways such awareness can be created. The simplest way to do so is to inform everyone about AID WITHOUT BORDERS. Many people are very eager to help support a genuine, reputable, and credible organization. They may not yet be aware, however, about A.W.B, which is exactly such an organization. A recommendation, or even introduction, from you would guide them to AID WITHOUT BORDERS.


You can inform people about A.W.B. individually, at informal get-togethers, or at meetings, programs, functions, and events. You can distribute A.W.B. literature, display A.W.B. banners, set up A.W.B. stalls/booths, and promote A.W.B. by and on the internet (social media sites, websites, emails, messages, etc.). You can enroll more A.W.B. volunteers, donors, and sponsors. You can form “A.W.B. Support Groups” that assist A.W.B. in various ways on a regular basis. You may also have your own good ideas on how to create awareness about and promote AID WITHOUT BORDERS. If so, we want to hear your ideas very much. In other words, you can do any, and as much or as little, volunteer work according to your preference, time, capacity, and ability.


We request you to inform as many people, in as many ways, as possible about AID WITHOUT BORDERS. So that they also can offer their very much needed assistance to the many poor and needy children under the care of AID WITHOUT BORDERS. We also request you to provide us with contact information about charitable minded people whom you actually know. We will contact them with your reference, introduce them to AID WITHOUT BORDERS, and request their very kind support.

Aid Without Borders