About Us
Aid without Borders is a legally registered, Non-governmental, non-profit, charitable association working to provide comprehensive aid and care to underprivileged and vulnerable children or children who stand at risk of losing it.

We work with communities, partners and the Government to ensure that the rights of all children, in every society, are fulfilled.

We are non-political and secular association. We respect all religions and cultures and work with trusted partners in places where we can contribute to social development.

Everything we do is made possible through the generous support of sponsors and donors, institutional and corporate partners, and loyal friends worldwide. Your help is needed too.

“Give one Child the Confidence, Courage, and life skills to become Greater than Poverty”



All underprivileged and disadvantaged children must complete their educations, become fully self-reliant, and become beneficial members of the society as well as country.



We are a professional, ethical team who are committed, courageous, and Accountable.
Commitment: We keep our promises.
Courage: We take action.
Trust: We believe in each other.
Accountability: We are reliable partners.



We unlocks the future for Orphans and Vulnerable Children to reach their Full Potential by funding, elevating and educating the most effective change makers for children in Cameroon.


Welcome Massage

Welcome Letter From Mofor. A.  Wopimazi

“Dear Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to AWB Charity! This website represents the latest chapter of AWB Charity philanthropic efforts of enhancing community economic development especially by supporting vulnerable groups within their local community such as orphans, street children etc. and I am grateful for you taking a moment to explore our work and the member groups included under the AWB Charity umbrella.

For some time we have deliberated on how best to continue our work and provide opportunities for our previous clients and friends and any person touched to participate. As you can see the rates of poverty and personal challenges that exist in a developing country such as our country Cameroon. Many people are interested to support those vulnerable groups in Cameroon but they don’t know where to start or how to properly give support so as to ensure that their assistance truly benefit those in need.

I believe this website is the answer for these challenges. Each of our AWB team member groups has met rigorous accountability and transparency requirements to be included in our organization. We have also created an infrastructure where donations received by AWB Charity are managed by our organization and distributed in the form of supplies and materials. To provide the necessary follow up and ensure our accountability requirements are maintained, AWB Charity maintains a small staff to oversee our support projects and provide updates to our support projects and provide updates to our supporters.

I hope you will join me in aiding these deserving organizations!

Best regards,

Mofor .A. Wopimazi


We’re working in environments where violence and poverty rob thousands of young people of their childhood and force them to grow up much too quickly.

Justice: Ensuring vulnerable children are protected and have access to the fair and compassionate justice they deserve.

 Inclusive Education: Helping the most hard-to-reach children access quality education & training and enabling them to be active members of their family and community.

 Social Protection: Reducing vulnerability through comprehensive support; and lifting children and their families out of abject poverty.

What makes us special?

When you support underprivileged and disadvantaged Children, we want your donations to work as hard as possible to make a difference. For the greatest impact, we bring together lots of people and work at three levels to reach the maximum number of children and make the change as sustainable as possible.

  1. Street Level

We meet the immediate needs of underprivileged and vulnerable children in communities right now. Our outreach workers spend time with children, gaining their trust and providing a safe place to stay while we work out the best long-term solution for their individual circumstances. We work to return children home when possible, and support children and their families to resolve their issues and make their reunions successful.

  1. Community level

We change communities’ perceptions of underprivileged and vulnerable children in communities, helping people to understand the issues that affects them on their various communities. We work with communities to help them recognize their role in protecting the vulnerable children in their locality and teach them how they can play their part.

  1. Government Level

We persuade policy makers that underprivileged and vulnerable children should be higher on the political agenda and that government policies should provide greater protection and opportunity for them. We advise and assist on issues that affect underprivileged and vulnerable children at government level. We help communities to implement and enforce existing laws and policies to keep their children safe.

Our Team



Mofor is the Founder/CEO and the Programs Manager of Aid Without Borders. He is a Child Protection in Humanitarian Settings Specialist have several years of working experience with children in both Normal and Humanitarian settings. He holds of a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a Masters in Strategy, Defense, Security, Conflict and Disaster Management. Mofor is currently undergoing a professional Masters at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) on Armed Conflicts and has undergone several Peacekeeping Operation Training. As a promising nation builder with profound desire to inspire and improve the lives of individuals he has represented Cameroonian Youths in several occasions at the international scene. He is an Alumni of the World Youth Forum, Egypt 2018 and Award winner of the OSCAR of African Creativity as a Young Creative African Leader.

Neville Temekum ASANA


A young motivated professional in humanitarian and development interventions with over 4 years of cognate working experience in Protection in Humanitarian Emergencies and related fields, cooperation and maintenance of donor relationships in both national and international structures within different I.N.G.Os and N.G.Os Holds a Master’s degree in Sociology (Population and Sustainable Development) and currently undergoing a Professional Master’s degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. Equally Obtained a Handful of specialized training certificates on humanitarian relief operations courses from the Peace Operations Training Institute, University of Strathclyde, AGORA UNICEF online plat form and from the Harvard University Online Initiative where in contemporary humanitarian field operations techniques were learnt.

Ndeutcheu Jasmin NDOUNDO


Passionate project designer, monitoring evaluation specialist, with 7 years’ experience in several domains and different intervention areas, Jasmin is the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for Good Neighbors International in Cameroon, having a solid planning, training and reporting capacities, acquired through successful accomplishments in International Organizations like Plan International or Catholic Relief Services. He holds a Masters in analysis and evaluation of projects Masters in sociology of development and a Degree in sociology and social psychology, he is pursuing a career to bring substantial change in several communities.

Dr. Gilbert MBASSA


He is a Child protection in Humanitarian Settings specialist working with the International Medical Corps, he is a holder of a PhD in Public Law, Masters in Public Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Public Administration and other certifications like project management and humanitarian actions. Passionate about Humanitarian Actions, he is a consultant working in collaboration with UNWOMEN. He is also an author and a writer on several articles on issues of governance and gender.

Nkemofah Mbi CHIMONTOH


 Holder of a professional bachelor’s degree in Law and Administration of Decentralized local Authorities and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Law.

A humanitarian working as Psychosocial Worker with INTERSOS Cameroon.  He is a promoter of the SDGs which is one of the pillar objectives of AWB, alongside others like promotion of the education of the girl child, promotion of the right of less privilege children.

Nkemontoh Gerald Ngeh


A Freelance Journalist base in Bamenda North West Region, Communication officer AID WITHOUT BORDERS, Member of the Humanitarian Committee (HAC) PC Ntamulung, Member of the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI), Member of the National Actors Guild (NAGCAM), Digital Rights Fellow, Member of the Ensemble Cameroon, Motivational Speaker, Senior Translator English to French/French to English.

Aid Without Borders